Almay Eyeliner

I have tried just about every eyeliner out there gel, liquid, pencil, expensive, inexpensive, waterproof, smudge proof….you name it!  While there have been some I have liked (for a month or two until they dry out or become too short to sharpen) there is only ONE eyeliner that I just cannot stop going back to.  Almay’s Intense i-Color Liner in Brown Topaz is the perfect bronze shade with lasting power that rivals any luxury brand eyeliner on the market!

I wear contacts so it can be a blurry and messy nightmare when eyeliner bleeds from my lash line into my eyes.  No bleeding here girls! This hypo-allergenic and smudge proof formula applies easily to the lash line and comes pre-sharpened so it’s a makeup kit must! For a nighttime look I thicken the line and add a wing for drama. Done and Done.

Almay Intense i-Color comes in 3 other shades: Puple Amethyst, Black Pearl, and Raisin Quartz.

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